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it is the nature of desire
not to be satisfied
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21st-Jun-2007 07:27 pm - a few for summer
I know it has been forever since I have done an icon update, but I finally have a few for now. Hopefully I'll get inspired and make a bunch more in the near future.

3 - stock/beach
1 - buffy the vampire slayer
1 - jessica alba

summer timeCollapse )
11th-Dec-2006 11:25 am(no subject)
-8 Trent Reznor icons
By request from ____chopsticks, new Trent icons! More to come soon.
Please dont hotlink. Credit is always appreciated!! (textless icons may be used as bases, again, credit is appreciated)

the rest!Collapse )

Submit your own request here! And feel free to friend this journal, I'll happily add you back!
1st-Oct-2006 10:13 am(no subject)
-59 Mulan Icons
I forgot how much I love this movie! Comments & Credit are always appreciated! Please don't hotlink if you decide to take anything!


4 Mulan Icons and 55 Mulan Bases (which can be used as icons if you want)Collapse )
27th-Sep-2006 07:24 pm(no subject)
I finally got around to making some new icons! Please don't hotlink if you decide to take any. Comments & Credit as always are much appreciated. Images from Google. Other resources & credit can be found in the memories!

12 - Trent ReznorCollapse )
11th-Aug-2006 07:19 pm(no subject)
Here's another small batch of icons for the taking! Comments and credit are appreciated!!

12 - Xena: Warrior Princess
8 - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Kuro / Fai - Possible spoilers from chapter 120+


icons beneath!Collapse )

Tsubasa RC images taken from a trc msn group.
Xena images taken from ausxip. Other resources and credit can be found in the memories! If you have any questions or requests just leave a comment!
Feel free to friend this journal if you like what you see!
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